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15 June 2010 @ 11:27 pm
school is over, working in lab, berkeley blog shut down (not before removing my last entry-curse you!!!)  and been trying to think of topics worthy of blogging. 

le sigh

oh right, and i'm still dating Phdboy-do not harm me!!! (hide)
12 May 2010 @ 01:33 am
10 May 2010 @ 10:54 am
i think my dad got tired me calling me out on all his anti-immigrant/mexican bashing ways-because he brought up the whole "five kids wearing the american flag on cinco de mayo ending in expulsion/suspension" controversy. i heard of the story-but i was a wee bit busy working on a paper to really care. so he started baiting me and effectively called me racist because i said that the kids were being dicks.

i swear my dad is attending tea party meetings or something (and not the kind where they serve puerh).

"oh white people can't show they are patriots on a mexican holiday?!!!"

because they were being passive aggressive and creating an environment hostile to mexican students. they turned the flag into a uniform to show their americanness in order to provoke a response. had it been some kid who just happen to where an american flag shirt on 5-5, whatever-when it's a group, then you become concerned.

the history of most white people in this country involved the oppression of pretty much every minority that set foot here (asian, native american, african, latino). white people have a lot of making up to do and their insensitivity to their ancestors deeds does not help. these idiot kids exploited the 1st amendment in free speech intended for people to voice their opinions in a safe environment, they used their voice to create an environment to make another group feel isolated in a country that welcomes all. while they have misused their right-it is their right and i hate to say i disagree with the expulsion/suspension/whatever from school and i feel a less harsh punishment is better-being known as a racist bastard on campus is good enough because a reputation like that that starts from that young of an age will damage future opportunities. 

so what if a mexican wears a mexican flag on 4th of july-they mexicans are racist against white people my dad reasons. that's different because this holiday encourages people to display ethnic pride while being an american. yes, it is a double-standard but i severely doubt it constitutes me a racist.

if i can try to sum it up (when he isn't interrupting and cutting me off with "you're a racist") for dad, it's not the wearing of the flag that is a offensive-it's a group of kids using the flag-a symbol of unification, freedom and acceptance-to voice their racist opinions and timing it to a day important to an ethnic group so to provoke fear and alienation.
04 May 2010 @ 09:55 am
it's usually around finals season when i get them-extreme bouts of lust-i assure you is extremely distracting and detracting from school work. of course the most efficient way to get my rocks off is when cannot do school work-sleeping. hence a very nice dream where a extremely cute classmate of mine engaged in some major heavy petting with moi.  mmm, delicious and nasty-just how everbody loves their coffee.